Museum of the Bohemian Paradise - Cesky Raj

In The Museum of the Bohemian Paradise (Muzeum Českého Ráje) you can see beautiful collections which are divided into several thematic areas. Bohemian Paradise area is extremely rich in minerals. In the part dedicated to the geology and mineralogy, you can see agates, quartzs, amethysts, jaspers and many more interesting mineralogical findings from this area. The exposition also shows history of this region and related formation of rocks.

In the Treasury, which is also the part of the museum, you can find the most beautiful jewelry, silversmiths works and objects of precious stones. These were created by local students and their teachers during the era of the Austrio-Hungarian Empire and Czechoslovak First Republic. Some of the jewelry won prestigious awards at the World Exhibitions in Paris in 1925 and 1937.


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