Through castle gardens to the Technical museum

Prague Castle - Gardens of the Prague Castle - Chotek Gardens - Letna Gardens - Letna Castle - National technical museum

We offer you a unique tour of the Prague Castle, its beautiful gardens and Letna Gardens (Letenské sady), followed by a visit to the National technical museum. The gardens of the Prague castle are situated on a hill and therefore your whole trip will be accompanied by marvelous views of Prague's panoramas, towers, Prague bridges and Vltava river.

What is there to see:

Prague Castle is the biggest castle complex in the world. Since 1918 it has been the official seat of the president. We will walk trough Old Royal Palace, St. Vitus Cathedral and Rosenberg Palace.

The Royal Garden was established in 16. century and is therefore historically the most valuable from all seven gardens of the Prague Castle. Here we can see the Royal Summer Palace, the Royal Ball Game Hall and the Singing Fountain.

Then we will walk through Chotek Gardens with splendid view over Lesser Town and Old Town. Here you can also see the Villa Bilek, an art nouveau fairytale villa.

Our next stop will be Letna Gardens with Kramar’s Villa and Hanavsky Pavilion with a view of Rudolfinum Concert Hall and all of the Prague’s bridges. We’ll see also the Pendulum, the place where the biggest sculpture in Europe - Stalin's memorial - used to stand.

Then we will continue to Letna Castle, a neo-renaissance building with restaurants, coffehouse and a garden with the oldest carousel in Europe.

We will finish our trip with a visit to newly reconstructed National technical museum.

Photogallery: Through castle gardens to the National technical museum


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