Cesky Krumlov

Cesky Krumlov (Český Krumlov) is a small town in the South Bohemian Region, 110 km from Prague, and is best known for its castle, fine architecture and art of the historic old town with 300 protected medieval buildings. Old Cesky Krumlov is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The unique atmosphere is created by town’s cobblestone streets which wind past centuries old townhouses, inns, shops and cafes. The castle complex with its beautiful gardens, historic theatres and revolving auditorium, is the second largest in the Czech Republic.

 The original Gothic castle was founded by the Lords of Krumlov around 1250. The town experienced its greatest prosperity during the rule of the Lords of Rosenberg (Rožmberkové)(1302 - 1602), who chose Cesky Krumlov to become the seat of their kingdom. At this time, Krumlov lay on the crossroads between the Czech, Austrian, Bavarian and Northern Italian lands. You can see the influence of these different cultures that have left their mark on the town. Most of the architecture of the old town and castle dates from the 14th to 17th century; the town's structures are mostly in Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque styles.

 The town is situated in the valley surrounded with the massif of Blansko Forest to the north and the undulating foothills of  Sumava (Šumava) to the south and west. In summer, you can be a witness of a popular amusement - people rafting and canoeing on the Vltava river which passes through the city.

 With us, you can visit a lot of interesting places in Cesky Krumlov, such as:

  •       The Castle Tower
  •       The Castle Lapidarium
  •       The Castle Museum
  •       The Castle Garden and Revolving auditorium
  •       The Castle Theater
  •       The Wenceslas Cellars
  •       The Bear Moat at Cesky Krumlov Castle
  •       St. Vitus Church
  •       The Town Hall
  •       The Eggenberg Brewery and
  •       and many more

Photogallery: Cesky Krumlov


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