Castle Cesky Sternberk and  Brewery in Kacov

Castle Cesky Sternberk - Brewery in Kacov

Cesky Sternberk Castle

Cesky Sternberk (Český Šternberk) Castle, one of the best preserved old castles in Bohemia, is situated on a high cliff above the Sazava river in a village of the same name, about 45 Km south-east of Prague.
It was built in 1241 by Zdeslav of Divisov in Early Gothic look, and given the name “Šternberk”. During the years the castle underwent a series of changes, from the Late Gothic reconstruction work improving the fortifications, through to the extravagant Early Baroque interiors remodeling.

The Sternberk castle has been still owned by the Sternberk family, which is quite remarkable and unique. It offers an interesting exposition of castle-living style. Visitors can pass for example through the large and opulently furnished “Knight’s Hall”, Chapel of St. Sebastian, library which boasts several thousand volumes or “Hunting Chamber“, where historical weapons and hunting trophies are to be found. You can also experience the atmosphere of the Roccoco, Biedermeier, Empire and Baroque periods.

Brewery Kacov

Kacov (Kácov) Brewery was founded in 1457 and is therefore one of the oldest Czech breweries. It is a complex of historical buildings which is located in the picturesque valley of the river Sazava.
You can see traditional Czech beer production in a small brewery, which currently produces less than 20 000 hectoliters of beer annually. Now, after 65 years, The Kacov beer is once again bottled in classic glass bottles. On this trip you will see local beer production with demonstration of the traditional Czech brewing technology and taste one of the best-treated beers "Hubertus".

Photogallery: Cesky Sternberk Castle and Kacov Brewery


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